Muslim Couple Divorce According To Syariah Law

Divorce In Syariah Law

Many Muslim lawyers who represent complainants in divorce cases have challenged the Model Quran and other traditional sources of Islamic law for divorce, claiming that such laws violate the basic rights of women in Islam. In addition to seeking a divorce, some women also seek protection from abusive husbands. They may have been forced to be a sexual slave, subject to violence physically or mentally, or subjected to a practice considered as “honorary”. Some women have been abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married in marriage against their will.

Under Islamic law, the man is ordered by Allah to give his wife a “divorce” and a new contract of marriage is proposed. If the husband refuses, then a number of penalties are applied, including The husband is deprived of his right to an income. He is not permitted to remarry again, except if he offers an amicable settlement.

The woman may be granted “guardianship” for two years after the end of the marriage, during which time she is not allowed to enter into another marriage. She is not allowed to go out to work, testify in court or hold other public offices. The woman may be held financially responsible for child support, though she must first take a test of financial responsibility. If she successfully completes the test, she is declared fit to marry. Check here for the very best syariah lawyer singapore for couples to get the proper help and guidence.

In the Islamic law for divorce in Egypt, if the husband refuses to give a woman a divorce, or the case is brought to a Mehr or higher court, then the following happens: The court appoints a person as a “manacher” or “judicial”, called a “mujtahari”. A number of Muslim lawyers assist the woman in presenting her case and all argue on her behalf. If the two parties are not of the same gender, the woman must be represented by a male Muslim. Once the case has been presented and the verdict has been reached, then the Muslim woman has an extra twenty-four hours to wed the man she has decided to divorce. If this happens before the wedding, then she will have to wed him again, which is referred to as “maktab” or “talaq ibniyeh”. The man will also have to wed the woman within a twenty-four hour period after the final judgment has been reached, otherwise, the marriage will be considered null and void.

After The Divorce

A few months after a woman receives the Islamic divorce decree, she is required to visit a special session called “shuway sharif” (marriage). This session is attended by three judges and is attended by both the mufti and the couple’s mufti. If the marriage is performed in a proficient, respectful, and humane manner then the courts are more likely to accept the outcome. If either of the partners is found to be guilty of cruelty, then the result will be triple talaq. But, if the partners can prove that there was no beating involved, then only the wife will be subjected to the Islamic law for divorce, and the man will not have to be forced to convert to Islam.

The Islamic law for divorce is different from the Christian religious law. Under the Christian religion, a couple is required to wait for forty-five days from the end of the marriage to apply for a divorce. This waiting period is called “adventu” in Islamic law for divorce and is often inconvenient for both the husband and the wife. However, the Islamic law for divorce requires that the marriage must have taken place in a state of complete peace and tranquillity. In some states of the United States of America, a husband and wife are required to apply for a divorce in a state of complete peace and tranquility, regardless of whether they have been married legally or not.

There are various reasons why a marriage may have failed. Sometimes, it has been due to the misbehaviour of either the husband or the wife. In other cases, the lack of financial resources may have played a part in the failure of the marriage. There is also a rare yet terrible case of a divorce where the reason for divorce has nothing whatsoever to do with the behaviour of the spouses. If this happens, the model nikahnama for a divorce under the Islamic law for divorce provides that the couple is required to make amends to one another and to get counselling before they proceed with the next step.

Under the model nikahnama, there are five categories of reasons why marriages fail in Islamic countries. In general, the Islamic law for divorce provides that the Muslim woman is the weaker party in a relationship, and the Islamic law for divorce provides that the Muslim man is legally permitted to hit his wife. Each of these five categories has different consequences on the children of the marriages. If the marriage has been entered into voluntarily, under the traditional rules, the child of the marriage will usually be raised by both parents; however, if the marriage has been forced upon the couple, then the child will most likely be raised by one parent, with the guidance of the Council of Guidance, given the stipulations set forth in sharia law.

Best Things To Do In Singapore For Your Weekend Getaways

If you are an adventure-seeker, an explorer, or a thrill-seeking tour operator looking for some of the best things to do in Singapore, this will be the right place for you! Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore – is a coastal city-state in south-east maritime Southeast Asia. The country is one of the most modern and developed in South-East Asia, ranking high in quality of life and in providing the necessary infrastructure to carry on with modern business and trade. Singapore is well connected nationally and internationally through transportation, rail, and airways and is an international hotspot for expatriates, businessmen, leisure travelers, and even tourists.

Enjoying The Nature And Natural Beauty

The best things to do in Singapore may include enjoying its natural beauty and environment, visiting the natural botanical gardens and parks, exploring its marvelous nightlife and fine dining spots, and many more! Singapore hotels offer easy accommodation to the entire tourist masses in different areas in Singapore. Some of them are located in the heart of the city and some are located in the outlying areas. Some hotels are even located in the middle of the wide and beautiful Patong Beach!

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari Park are the major attractions in Singapore. Visiting the Singapore Zoo is an amazing experience to behold as it gives you a real feeling of how the animals behave and interact with humans. In the evening, a guided tour to Night Safari Park gives you the opportunity to see all the animals in their natural habitat. This is also a great opportunity to watch a full day of jungle safari in the Singapore Zoo.

Trip To Santosa Island

A trip to Sentosa is among the best things to do in Singapore as it gives the visitor the chance to play with marine wildlife and to swim in its beautiful waters. Apart from that, there are other sightseeing activities to do in Sentosa. These include Scuba Diving, Laser Shows, Pirates Voyage, and much more. Apart from these, there are many other attractions on the island which are best for family-friendly attractions. Some of these include Battle at Sentosa, Fun on Beach, Landmark Shopping, Nature Walk, Marina Bay Sands, enterprise park, Tai Chi Garden, Dinner at The Raffles Hotel, Singapore Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Universal Studios Theme Park, etc.

Santosa Island

Spend Romantic Evenings

Singapore’s most romantic parks are also among the best things to do in Singapore. On top of that, there are many fun places to spend a romantic evening together. Some of them are Oriental Pearl Gardens, Red Envelope, China Town, Night Safari, Singapore Zoological Garden, Spring Gardens, and Chinatown. These scenic and romantic destinations are among the best things to do in Singapore as they help you discover the country’s heritage and culture.

Other great places to spend your romantic weekend getaways in Singapore are the northern part of the island, especially the Bukit Timah area. Here you will find two of the best attractions of Singapore – the Sentosa Island Cruises and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The cruises offer some of the best scenic views of the island as it goes around in a circular journey around Sentosa. This place is also famous for its wild wildlife wherein you can find rare species of birds and animals.

Beautiful Orchard Road

Orchard Road is known to be one of the best places in Singapore for food lovers as it has a wide range of restaurants to cater to all your taste buds. From Chinese to Indian, Italian to French, you can find almost every kind of cuisine here. Another place that you must visit when in Singapore is the famous Chinatown. Located to the north of Singapore’s central business district, this area boasts of many shopping malls and boutiques, some with international brands as the name.

Apart from those two popular spots, there are a lot more little things to do in Singapore to make your weekend even more exciting and fun-filled. There is no doubt that once you have visited these two great attractions, you would never want to go to boring tourist spots again. Therefore, it is important that you plan your Singapore tours before you leave for your tour. This way, you will know what to do in each of the destinations that you want to visit during your Singapore trip so that you won’t have to waste your precious time trying to find more interesting stuff to do in the tiny town of San Fransisco.

What You Should Do When Suffering From Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common reality in a lot of peoples lives. As we age, hormones change and lifestyles change, therefore causing side effects such as hair loss. Hair loss can be devastating for men and women. The large change in appearance can be detrimental to a persons health and mental health.

However, if you are experiencing hair loss, you don’t have to give up. There are many options to help you find relief from hair loss. Check out this list of options to help you with hair loss.

Hair Loss Options

Lifestyle Change
A small change in diet or lifestyle can decrease your hair loss. Things as simple as not taking a super hot shower can help your scalp be healthier and produce more hair like those found on . Using less chemical filled shampoos can be helpful as well. Sometimes shampoos that are too strong can cause damage to your scalp. There are also essential oils that you can massage into your scalp to help your scalp improve hair growth. Drinking plenty of water can help your hair growth as well.

Taking something as simple as a daily vitamin can help you be healthier and your scalp to produce more hair. Hair loss is sometimes just a simple vitamin or mineral that is missing from your diet. Certain parts of the world may not give as well rounded of a diet. So taking a vitamin can help your hair growth. If the hair loss is hormonal, you may need to speak to your doctor about some options for hormone pills you could take. Leveling out your hormones could help you have healthier hair.

Fake Hair
Another option for dealing with hair loss is using fake hair options. Toupees, weaves and wigs are options that you can typically find locally. These options can be pricey and require a lot of maintenance. You have to take them off everyday and keep them clean. Fake hair can be an option during early hair loss or when a quick fix is needed.

Often times, hair loss is genetic. In this case, the hair loss will continue unless some type of intervention is done. This is why it is important to not mess around with fake hair and other short term options. This way, you still have healthier hair to utilize during the transplantation.

Hair Transplantation

Transplant Options
A new and upcoming option is the option of hair transplantation . Basically, by taking hair from healthier parts of your head, you can grow hair in other parts that are losing hair. This is a long term option that is expensive up front but requires much less maintenance. There is no daily maintenance of fake hair and no monthly cost of seeing a doctor for medication.

How does it work?
Basically, by using a machine, a doctor can transplant hair. The procedure is quick and relatively painless. The process is called FUE and it stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In about two sessions, you can have your hair transplanted. This is a great option because it requires very little maintenance. You just take care of your hair like you would any other hair.

This costs right around 3000 dollars. But is relatively in expensive when comparing to the option of maintaining fake hair or hormonal supplements. The basic process is that tiny follicles are grafted using a machine and re planted under the skin of the site where it is needed. It all happens on a microscopic level which is why it is required to use the big machine.

The popular place to get hair transplantation done is in Singapore. This is basically the birth place and power house of this modern technology. The doctors there are not only practicing FUE but have helped design and create it. They are much more successful than any doctors anywhere else in the world. So it is worth it to travel to Singapore to have it done when possible.

Healthy Contestant for FUE

Pre Requisites
Because you really don’t want to travel all that way to just find out that you cant even have the process done, consider these few things that have to be in place to be a healthy contestant for FUE.
First of all, you must rule out all other options for why the hair loss might be happening. If the hair loss is hormonal then the transplantation may not be as successful. So they ask that you see a doctor to ensure that it is not hormonal. You must also be sure to have a healthy enough site to transplant to and from.
Using a good doctor and good hair transplant team is absolutely essential.

Time Required
There is really little downtime that will happen when you are utilizing hair transplantation. The process is relatively painless and the swelling goes down after a few days. The longest part of the process is waiting for the hair to grow out after it has been transplanted. Along with that, the process is able to be done in as little as two treatments. All of the factors depend on what is going on with your hair. If you have only small patches that need to be done, then you may have a faster transaction than someone who has a large bald spot. There are a lot of other factors involved such as traveling to the right doctor and the health of your scalp and hair.

Having hair loss is a pretty common problem. People don’t realize how often hair loss happens to both men and women. There are a lot of factors that cause hair loss from genetics to hormones. There are a lot of options to try if you do suffer from hair loss. Taking medication, using fake hair or changing your lifestyle can help you with your hair loss problems. However, if you are looking for a long term and better fix to the problem then consider the option of hair transplantation. It is a long term fix that leaves you with great hair.

Important Facts on Men Hair Loss

All types of folks lose their hair for a variety of purpose. That’s just lifestyle. Nevertheless, if you’re one of those individuals who isn’t planning to put up with it, you have plenty of choices. An option that does great for one person, could be the best solution for you.

So, the best advice to provide, somebody who is looking for an answer, is always to investigation. Research takes time, of course, but a minimum of ultimately, you will in all probability be satisfied with the end result. Accumulating information, before you make a choice, will lessen the probability of unexpected final results.

What Causes Of Hair Loss?

It is a great begin to learn the reason you are shedding locks. Is it due to age? Or perhaps is it due to condition or tension? Or could it be due to insufficient proper care, eating routine and so forth. Following an exam using a professional that offers specifically with hair lose, you will have more answers. The perfect solution could be what you believe. Maybe the hair thinning is hereditary and regardless of the care offered, the thinning increases as time passes.

Male Hairloss Pattern
Being a guy matures sometimes the hair follicles tend not to adhere to, and often its not era its male design baldness also known as alopecia. Occasionally the balding commences at the front or even the crown of brain and further extends. This might be troubling but don’t worry you can find choices to help you out. When balding occurs this could also induce less self confidence and insecurity. Some males consider hiding it with hats or make an effort to design the hair that is remaining in different ways. Eliminate the cap, and change that hairstyle once you received your complete rich fastens rear.

3 Tips That Helps Your Hair Regrowth

Here are some issues that you can do about balding: First is actually a locks transplant, the second thing is mouth drugs, and finally the robotic locks transplant. These three tips will help you grow back that complete lush locks and it is to block DHT, nurture the scalp and fortify with FUE.

DHT which is the main reason for hairloss. Therefore to grow the hair you should eliminate the DHT from the scalp. Preventing DHT is not hard with treatment, hairloss shampoo and serum. The second step is nourish the scalp. This can be a three step process. Step one is to do a scalp stimulation using healthcare-level ampoules. The next move is to apply a small level laserlight therapy as well as the last move is by using a locks supplementation. After the scalp is nourished its time to maneuver onto for the last period. This final period is always to fortify with FUE. FUE that is a Follicular Device Extraction which is regarded as the most effective way in numerous numerous countries such as Singapore. FUE happens when a donor follicle is positioned in the balding area in order to reattach and increase locks. This is a a lot more permanent alternative. Most of these processes are simple and easy , risk free. The sufferer will in most cases be sedative through the functioning. This can be fantastic operation is that you are afflicted by male design baldness.

Men’s Baldness

Alopecia that is also men design baldness takes place due to genes and also the male hormonal androgenic hormone or testosterone. Genetically if this operates in the family the offspring could have a much more most likely possibility of creating Alopecia. Some males are genetically changed to lose head of hair because of testosterone. Even though some lifestyle factors such as anxiety, smokings, and diet regime can cause Alopecia the primary reason are the first two. A report showed that by age 50 about 50Percent of those guys have skilled hair loss.

Also some men have been taking over treatment to help reduce balding spots. Even though this method may help it is far from the best. One popular medication for hair thinning is Finasteride that is only intended for males, ladies must not take this medicine. Also other home cure lotions that are applied to the balding location to improve hair follicle design. This can be significantly less effective then selecting the head of hair transplant alternative. These first two choices in the medicine are excellent areas to start unless you desire to invest much money. In the event the problems intensify or there is absolutely no progression then it is time to attend Singapore and start your own hair transplant. Singapore is very recognized for there hair transplant methods.

Hair Transplant

One of the best places to have the surgical treatment done is at Singapore. Some of the best physicians for hair transplant on the planet will be in Singapore. The cutting edge equipment and knowledge about this research definitely makes the professionals. Right here they are going to move healthy hair follicles either through the side or the surface of the scalp that contains healthy hair.

The wholesome follicles will be transplanted towards the balding locations to improve the growth of hair. This process is not unpleasant nor hazardous. The average expense of this really is around six thousand bucks nevertheless the outcomes are everlasting.

Don’t you want to design that hair again and possess your wife operate her fingers within your locks. Hair transplants have become more recognized and folks now are employing this very affective approach to acquire back again there self assurance and esteem. In Singapore they have assisted 1000s of males transform their baldness significantly. These three actions will help accomplish hair regrowth which is long term.

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Pregnancy Hair Loss

Pregnancy, rearing and birth a kid is some of the most wonderful instances within a persons lifestyle. That minute whenever your completely new baby appears up at you is unlike every other. However, in this particular minute you truly have no idea about all the mayhem that is about to strike your life. From that minute, you are responsible for someone else. Several prefer to state that at 18, children are off as well as on there personal, but any mother of grownup youngsters will show you, your task is actually never carried out. Among this chaos is the modifications that may happen in a mums body publish partum. Head of hair acne, loss and lots of other hormone unwanted effects take place.

Pregnancy Complications

Postpartum hair loss
The hormone result of being pregnant can cause several adjustments. Following pregnancy a lot of women may go through tooth even, decay and pimples hairloss. Most of the time, this hair thinning is just for a short period of energy and regrowth quickly happens. Some ladies don’t even discover it. But for some women, publish partum hair loss is extreme as well as once the bodily hormones level out, the hair never regrows. Publish Partum hair loss can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Fortunately, in this particular current day of medicine, there are options to help help a female in recovering her assurance and having her hair back.

Hair Transplantation Options
As a brand new mom, you don’t have time to be down due to something as cosmetic as hair loss. This is the reason hair transplantation is really a great choice. There is certainly very little down time as well as the process is nearly pain-free. In addition to that, it really is relatively in costly in comparison to other options.

The final results can also be basically forever. A choice of head of hair transplantation basically in layman terminology is transplanting locks from one area of the head to another. Therefore, it is a long lasting option. No un handy upkeep of a head of hair piece or trying to match your hair colour because it adjustments as time passes.

Is Medication A Best Choice?

Medication is also a choice. And if the treatment will help work out the hormone concern, maybe that is the best choice. But quite often, even after the bodily hormones are leveled out, the hair loss remains there. Head of hair Transplantation is the greatest alternative in comparison with the rest of the alternatives on the market.

Hair transplantation surgical treatment will likely be special to each and every individual based on age, locks collection, level of hair loss and the ability to harvest healthful hairs for implantation. Hair is frequently obtained from the rear or sides from the brain, exactly where head of hair is naturally a lot more resistant to DHT. The hair is usually thicker enough in this field to get grafts to implant into places afflicted with hairloss.

What Is FUE?

Follicular System Extraction (FUE) is a form of head of hair repair surgical procedure that eliminates person follicles of hair from your donor website. These follicles are prepared and then grafted to the section of hair thinning. The hair transplanted towards the balding places maintains its potential to deal with DHT, creating FUE a permanent solution for hairloss. FUE can be done manually by a locks transplant physician. Every hair follicle removed is carefully inspected before being grafted to the receiver area. The healthiness of the follicle and skill in the doctor is highly vital that you the achievements of the method.

FUE is easily the most well-liked way of hair transplantation, and it is gradually replacing another approach, referred to as Follicular Device Transplantation (FUT). FUT is a similar kind of transplantation, but instead of getting rid of personal follicles, the doctor removes a strip of follicles, dissects it then grafts it for the view. You can find pros and cons to equally.

New mother life is pricey. From make payment on healthcare facility bill to spending money on diapers there is certainly always one more spot that money is dripping from your wallet. Consequently, the fact that hair transplantation is absolutely not too costly is another excellent purpose to test it. The fee can differ depending on the extremity from the hair loss and what is necessary. But the average price is proper around 3000 bucks. Which can be nothing in the event you evaluate the cost to possessing and maintaining a locks item. Singapore is definitely the key hub of hair transplantation. The research of locks transplantation there has been boundless during the last decade and also the have developed new and great ways to do it painlessly and more expense effectively.

Negative Effects
The fantastic thing about the hair transplantation is that there are basically no unwanted effects. There exists a modest amount of soreness that takes place during and following the method but quickly disappears altogether. Singapore Medical doctor, Dr Tyng will be able to get individuals inside and out in basically two meetings. Together with the preliminary seek advice from, there is certainly one appointment that you simply harvest the hair and one in which you re grow it in your head. It may sound goofy to refer to it as planting, but that is exactly what it is actually.

Hair Regrowth

You basically are re planting hair in your mind so once your scalp has healed and regrowth has started, it is possible to basically treat it like all the other head of hair on your own body.

This is a fantastic choice for those women available who experienced huge article partum reduction because of hormone changes. Don’t let struggling with hair loss be a part of your life. Singapore has evolved fantastic options that don’t require harsh medication on the entire body or continuous upkeep of a hair piece.

Pregnancy, raising and delivery kids is actually a mystical piece of life, don’t let it be dampened!

Top Choices for Hair Restoration

Reasons You Are Losing Hair

All types of people lose their hair for a variety of reasons. That’s just life. However, if you’re among those who aren’t likely to endure it, you have plenty of choices. An option that does perfect for a single person, maybe the best solution for you personally.

So, the best advice to offer, somebody that is looking for a solution, would be to study. The study will take time, of course, but a minimum of ultimately, you will most likely be satisfied with the effect. Collecting information, prior to making a decision, will decrease the probability of unpredicted final results.

It is a great beginning to discover the reason you are losing hair. Could it be because of the age group? Or is it as a result of illness or tension? Or could it be because of the absence of proper care, eating habits and so forth. After an examination using an expert that bargains specifically with the head of a hair drop, you will get a lot more answers. The solution could be what you believe. Maybe your own hair thinning is genetic and regardless of the care offered, the thinning improves as time passes.

Treatments for Hair Loss

So let’s begin with hair loss shampoos, this is usually the option for hair that has just begun to slender. In lots of hair loss shampoos, there is a representative referred to as a DHT blocking agent. It is actually recommended by particular experts that by blocking DHT with ingredients such as ketoconazole, that this head of hair will stop thinning.

It is famous that DHT permits and stimulates the shrinking of follicles, creating the loss. Another element that may be present in a hair loss hair shampoo is biotin. Biotin is considered to promote the growth of hair. Biotin has become the main component in lots of clinical tests.

A hair loss hair shampoo also will include herb concentrated amounts and oils. Which are thought to stop hair thinning and advertise development. It is always good to have some advice from a professional, to see whatever they look at the hair thinning hair shampoo. Some shampoos may be genuine, and some can be a gimmick, the same goes for hairs dietary supplements. Several hair dietary supplements could have niacin and Vit C for hair thinning. While some contain Zinc and Iron for head of hair and scalp nutrients.

Hair Restoration Procedure

As for the hair restoration procedure, it is actually becoming more and more fashionable as a lot of men endeavor to keep their hair. Singapore is regarded as a warm place for most people who are searching for a head of hair doctor that methods in surgery. The hair repair procedure is a huge stage. It will require the time and patience from the person.

In Singapore hair surgery is considered seriously, as well as their hair medical professionals stand behind there work. Below are a few concerns the physician in Singapore may ask the individual, just before picking a surgery approach.

a. Precisely what is your way of life?
b. How fast have you been dropping your own hair?
c. How serious will be the hair thinning?

These concerns are important. When it comes to the way of living, the doctor might strongly recommend a reduction in your degree of tension. Sometimes stress reduction can slow down or completely stop hair thinning. In cases like this, anxiety is the main contributing factor of hair thinning.

When examining ‘how fast the hair has been lost’, a Singapore medical doctor will take into account when the head of hair getting lost, is within one area. This is checked out as well as the medical doctor will think of a focused solution for that particular region. With regards to the severity of the hair reduction, the doctor may thoroughly analyze the scalp for illness or scalp infection.

FUE Hair Transplant Fact

With regards to a head of hair repair method, you can do this in different methods. One kind of hair transplant is called FUE hair transplant. This head of hair recovery method demands hair follicles to become taken out by a unique device, away from one area of the personal. After, the tiny follicles of hair are gathered and place within a distinctive sterile dish.

Upcoming, the FUE hair transplant needs one more region on the patient’s head to be cleared. The region is cleared by using the same steps of taking out the follicles of hair. This region is when the healthy hair follicles will go. The FUE hair transplant process will likely then require that the wholesome follicles be surgically positioned to the location that was emptied.

Physicians that carry out the FUE hair transplant process have to be exact. Because this procedure is dependent upon the removing and replanting of merely one follicle at any given time. A head of hair repair process can keep small scarring. Nevertheless, using the FUE head of hair transplant, no scarring will likely be kept. Using a head of hair repair method in many cases there exists downtime, the top may feel painful and achy.

Effects of FUE Hair Transplant

Also, with a hair recovery procedure, there may be problems throughout the treatment. Nevertheless, with FUE hair recovery, there is certainly practically no downtime and issues are unusual. An air restoration procedure can change a person’s lifestyle. Let’s be realistic, it can be helpful in the operating planet, socially and personally. Many of those who have undergone a hair repair method, express that their self-esteem is gone up.

Before deciding to take a surgical jump to make a good investment inside your hair, find out about the expenses. The expenses can vary greatly from procedure to process. Also, make sure to go over any at home care treatments that must be done, after the surgery. Ought to particular ointments be applied? In the event, you lie a specific way whilst slumbering etc? But other than that, have a good time and revel in your brand new look!

More News About Plastic Surgery

As we get ready to launch this blog, we’re getting more and more excited to share with you our experiences and news regarding plastic surgery.

We’ll be covering topics such as breast augmentation, liposuction, double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.

These procedures are getting more and more popular all around the world and especially in Asia.