What You Should Do When Suffering From Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common reality in a lot of peoples lives. As we age, hormones change and lifestyles change, therefore causing side effects such as hair loss. Hair loss can be devastating for men and women. The large change in appearance can be detrimental to a persons health and mental health.

However, if you are experiencing hair loss, you don’t have to give up. There are many options to help you find relief from hair loss. Check out this list of options to help you with hair loss.

Hair Loss Options

Lifestyle Change
A small change in diet or lifestyle can decrease your hair loss. Things as simple as not taking a super hot shower can help your scalp be healthier and produce more hair like those found on www.treatment.com.sg/ . Using less chemical filled shampoos can be helpful as well. Sometimes shampoos that are too strong can cause damage to your scalp. There are also essential oils that you can massage into your scalp to help your scalp improve hair growth. Drinking plenty of water can help your hair growth as well.

Taking something as simple as a daily vitamin can help you be healthier and your scalp to produce more hair. Hair loss is sometimes just a simple vitamin or mineral that is missing from your diet. Certain parts of the world may not give as well rounded of a diet. So taking a vitamin can help your hair growth. If the hair loss is hormonal, you may need to speak to your doctor about some options for hormone pills you could take. Leveling out your hormones could help you have healthier hair.

Fake Hair
Another option for dealing with hair loss is using fake hair options. Toupees, weaves and wigs are options that you can typically find locally. These options can be pricey and require a lot of maintenance. You have to take them off everyday and keep them clean. Fake hair can be an option during early hair loss or when a quick fix is needed.

Often times, hair loss is genetic. In this case, the hair loss will continue unless some type of intervention is done. This is why it is important to not mess around with fake hair and other short term options. This way, you still have healthier hair to utilize during the transplantation.

Hair Transplantation

Transplant Options
A new and upcoming option is the option of hair transplantation . Basically, by taking hair from healthier parts of your head, you can grow hair in other parts that are losing hair. This is a long term option that is expensive up front but requires much less maintenance. There is no daily maintenance of fake hair and no monthly cost of seeing a doctor for medication.

How does it work?
Basically, by using a machine, a doctor can transplant hair. The procedure is quick and relatively painless. The process is called FUE and it stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In about two sessions, you can have your hair transplanted. This is a great option because it requires very little maintenance. You just take care of your hair like you would any other hair.

This costs right around 3000 dollars. But is relatively in expensive when comparing to the option of maintaining fake hair or hormonal supplements. The basic process is that tiny follicles are grafted using a machine and re planted under the skin of the site where it is needed. It all happens on a microscopic level which is why it is required to use the big machine.

The popular place to get hair transplantation done is in Singapore. This is basically the birth place and power house of this modern technology. The doctors there are not only practicing FUE but have helped design and create it. They are much more successful than any doctors anywhere else in the world. So it is worth it to travel to Singapore to have it done when possible.

Healthy Contestant for FUE

Pre Requisites
Because you really don’t want to travel all that way to just find out that you cant even have the process done, consider these few things that have to be in place to be a healthy contestant for FUE.
First of all, you must rule out all other options for why the hair loss might be happening. If the hair loss is hormonal then the transplantation may not be as successful. So they ask that you see a doctor to ensure that it is not hormonal. You must also be sure to have a healthy enough site to transplant to and from.
Using a good doctor and good hair transplant team is absolutely essential.

Time Required
There is really little downtime that will happen when you are utilizing hair transplantation. The process is relatively painless and the swelling goes down after a few days. The longest part of the process is waiting for the hair to grow out after it has been transplanted. Along with that, the process is able to be done in as little as two treatments. All of the factors depend on what is going on with your hair. If you have only small patches that need to be done, then you may have a faster transaction than someone who has a large bald spot. There are a lot of other factors involved such as traveling to the right doctor and the health of your scalp and hair.

Having hair loss is a pretty common problem. People don’t realize how often hair loss happens to both men and women. There are a lot of factors that cause hair loss from genetics to hormones. There are a lot of options to try if you do suffer from hair loss. Taking medication, using fake hair or changing your lifestyle can help you with your hair loss problems. However, if you are looking for a long term and better fix to the problem then consider the option of hair transplantation. It is a long term fix that leaves you with great hair.